• Immortal Humans just 20 years away!
    The renowned American scientist, Ray Kurzweil, claims human beings could become immortal as early as the year 2029! He says advancements in nanotechnology and a detailed and increased understanding of the working of a human body could enable human beings to become immortal.

    He says humans could be replacing their vital organs through nanotechnologies, which will be available in the market in just 20 year's time. His claims are well supported by the fact that artificial pancreases and neural implants are already available. His theory is called the Law of Accelerating Returns. He believes humans will, in near future , have the necessary software to reprogramme their own bodies, and hence, halt or reverse their ageing process.

    In his article published in The Sun, Mr. Kurzweil also claims many other tasks that will be completed by humans with astonishing ease and accuracy. He says that in 20 year's time, a man will be able to:
    • do an olympic sprint for 15 minutes without even breathing once.
    • drive to the doctor and tell him that he just had a heart attack and needs treatment. During all this time, tiny blood bots will keep them alive!
    • write books within minutes.
    • go scuba-diving for four hours without oxygen.
    • go into virtual-reality mode where nanobots will shut down brain signals and take himself wherever he wants to go. (Kurzweil believes virtual sex will become common after humans get hold of this piece of technology).
    And to put it all in the American scientist's own words, "we can look forward to a world where humans become cyborgs, with artificial limbs and organs"

  • Obama junks Bush's European missile defence plan...and with it, its Allies.

    The administration of United States of America decided Thursday to cancel the deployment of land based missile defence system in Eastern Europe. President Obama has said that this step has been taken in favour of what he calls a new approach to defend United States and its NATO allies.

    Former US President Goerge Bush first proposed the building of a missile defence system in Czech Republic and Poland in 2006. That proposal was immediately condemned by the Russians who threatened to place their own missiles on the European Union borders. However, after learning of Washington's plans to abandon its program, Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has termed America's decision 'correct and brave'.

    The change has come following some disclosures by the US Intelligence Community (IC) that the threat posed by Iran's long range missile capability is "not as immediate as previously thought". The White House says the Iranian ICBM threat is not developing at the predicted pace . At the same time the Iranian short and medium range missiles are developing faster than projected.

    The interesting thing is that this decision has come on the 70th anniversary of Russia's invasion of Poland.Also, Poland were only made aware of the decision about an hour or two before the announcement.This action has once again proved America's unfaithfulness towards its allies. Now the two European countries are left at the mercy of their giant neighbour Russia.

    The recent wave of recession could well be responsible for Washington's actions. Robert Gates had already given a reduced figure of the money that was to be spent on the defence system and many analysts had worked out his intentions correctly at that time.

    The taxpayers in the United States could well breath a sigh of relief after the abandonment of this project. However, to be realistic, the effects of this might not reach the general public as America has indulged itself in enough mess around the world to be making such savings.

    President Obama has come under some criticism from his opposition after this decision with some people calling him a Communist!. Communists in 1992 in Moscow told Tom Fife in an American Free Press article that Obama is a communist and atheist. One never could understand the need for the missiles in Poland and Czech Republic since the American submarine fleet has adequate resources to deter any dangerous Russian movement. Medvedev was all smiles and called Obama Comrade when they met!

  • President Obama You Lie - Joe Wilson President Obama was taken by surprise when he heard a shout of "You Lie" come from the audience during his speech to a joint session of congress last week. It was a Republican representative Joe Wilson who had made his opinion known to the house without any remorse whatsoever. He, however, apologised to President Obama after the speech.

    The apology perhaps was not good enough to stop the house from bringing forward a resolution against Joe Wilson. It passed a resolution of disapproval on a vote of 240-179. According to the historian of the house, it was the first time in its 220-year history that a house member had been disciplined for speaking out during a presidential speech in the chamber.

    When the resolution was being debated, Wilson called it a waste of time and did not apologize to the chamber.

    "When we are done here today, we will not have taken any further steps toward helping" the nation deal with urgent challenges..."It is time that we move forward and get back to work for the American people."

    When asked why he did not apologize to the House leaders, heJoe Wilson said "In my view, by apologizing to the president, the most important person in the history of the world, that applied to everyone"

    Another twist to the drama came before the debate on the resolution began, when one Democrat said it was due to the colour of Obama's skin that he was treated that way, and had their been a white president, a thing like this would not have happened.

    The republicans though acknowledged the mistake made by Wilson and at the same time accused the democrats of fueling the issue in order to divert attention from an increasingly unpopular health care legislation.


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